reid blackman, ph.d.



Virtue represents my desire to bring philosophy to the public in a concrete way. I’ve worked with startups on the brink of massive growth and larger, established companies. It’s been gratifying to see ethics come to life in the processes I’ve developed for businesses and in the way they create their emerging tech products.

Part of running Virtue means I also get to bring ethics to a larger audience than just students. I write articles and present at conferences intended for the general public on ethics as it relates to artificial intelligence, privacy, virtual & augmented reality, biotechnology, robotics, corporate culture, and more. If you want me to talk at your event, say hello.

I get to work with great people. Here’s what some of them say about Virtue.

Reid helped our team of technology designers navigate the ethical swamp that is Mixed Reality tech. Not only did he bring a useful and helpful framework to our specific problem area, he also was able to provide us with essential bearings on using practical ethics as part of our innovation toolset. I look forward to continuing our collaboration.
— Rob Girling, Co-Founder and CEO, Artefact
Core values are a huge component of our company’s culture. In my opinion, they’re the foundation of who we are and our decision-making. Working with Reid & Virtue helped us clarify our values and our executive team’s beliefs into a concise ethics statement that we now rely on for all of our stakeholders - customers, teammates, and partners - to know who we are. Most importantly, it streamlines our decision-making. I encourage any values-driven company to work with Virtue, both for ethical reasons as well as for accelerating executive team decisions that can now be based on solid, detailed principles of action.
— Alex Boyd, Co-Founder & CEO, RevenueZen
Reid took the time to learn and study our business and our employees to understand how we work both internally and externally. He then devised and implemented an action plan addressing company culture, human resources, and ethics. Reid’s work—which is demonstrated in our ethics statement and a clear action plan on how to operationalize our values—has become the backbone of our company culture and organization.
— Jim DeCicco, Co-Founder and CEO, Kitu