reid blackman, ph.d.


I write and speak on ethics as it relates to business and technology. You’ll find info here on upcoming events I’ll be speaking at, videos of news media interviews, and pieces I’ve written for organizations and for the general public. If you’re interested in having me speak at an event, say hello.


Speaking Engagements


Event Date: March 13, 2019

Data Privacy – What You Should know

In our modern world of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) your personal data and freedom of privacy is being affected. With the constant collection of self-governing tech systems, connected devices/machines, smartphones/homes, and drones your personal data is being collected, tracked, and used by all types of companies. Can real-time decision-making by self-governing tech discriminate and restrict you of choice or possibilities?

Event Date: May 18, 2019

All Tech Is Human: Seattle

A diverse group of technologists, academics, designers, organizational leaders, students, policymakers, and other interested parties come together to tackle thorny societal tech issues. It is multidisciplinary and collaborative, shining a light on blind spots and injecting more thoughtfulness in how we create and implement new technologies. 

News Media



We talk to Reid Blackman, founder of Virtue (an ethical tech consultancy), about the ethical issues facing Big Tech. We discuss how Silicon Valley has a difficult time foreseeing pitfalls, how teaching ethics to developers is a major task, explainable AI, and how we develop products to mitigate ethical risks!